First bbq of the year

Yesterday we were doing a bbq, we had been preparing since Saturday, and this week we are defiantly not going to stay within our weekly budget of £25.00 even though we did most of the shopping at Lidl, the butchers and the rest at Morrisons.

But then we are cooking for a lot of people and hopefully there will be lots of leftovers.

The husband made homemade Colombian sausages for the first time yesterday. They taste awesome and I’m super impressed!

On top of that we are having: prawn lollipops, bbq ribs (cooked in slowcooker over night, now marinated ready for BBQ), chicken wings, lobster tail ( bloody expensive but husbands idea), mackerel, beef skewers Chinese style and European style, tuna, corn on the cob, grilled peppers and jalapeños, salad and a fruit salad!

Not to forget lots of drinks, wine, sangria, beer, juice and normal soft drinks.

Last but not least we are having my homemade pineapple and coconut cake. It’s my own invention and it is pretty delicious!

Pineapple and coconut cake recipe


4 eggs

300 g sugar
150 g flour
3 tbsp baking powder
100 g desiccated coconut
50 g dried pineapple
150 ml milk
100 ml pineapple juice
50 g salted butter
1. Start by chopping the dried pineapple into tiny pieces.
2. Melt the butter and milk in a saucepan until butter is just melted.
3. Whilst melting the butter and milk. Use a hand mixer to beat the eggs and sugar on high to a light airy consistency. It should almost be white. I find around five minutes on high is the right time.
4. Mix the flour, baking powder, dedicated coconut and pineapple pieces together. Now fold it through the egg mixture.
Half way through add the milk and butter mixture. Should be around 38c. And after this the pineapple juice. Keep folding.
5. Now put in a baking tin, lined with baking paper.
6. Place in a preheated oven at 180 c for around 25 minutes.  Check with knife that cooked through.
Filling ( optional)
200g pineapple 
50 g sugar 
1 dl water
1. Purée pineapple, sugar and water together
2. Add to pan slowly boil until consistency of a jam
Topping – Italian merengue  (to make it simpler just do a normal icing and a bit of coconut, instead of the below).
100 ml water
400 g sugar
4 egg whites 
2 tbsp lemon juice
100 g desiccated coconut 
Italian Merengue
1) In a small saucepan, combine sugar and water. Heat over high heat, brushing down sides of pot as necessary with a pastry brush dipped in water. Cook until sugar syrup registers 121 c on a sugar thermometer.
2 Meanwhile, beat egg whites and lemon juice in a bowl and mixer to medium speed and mix until soft peaks form (the peaks in the egg whites should very slowly collapse back into themselves, takes about 2 minutes).
  • 3. With the mixer running, carefully and slowly drizzle in hot sugar syrup. Increase speed to high and whip until desired stiffness is achieved.
  • 4. Lightly roast coconut 
  • Assembling the cake
  • 1. Now half the cake, fill it with the coconut jam.
  • 2. Put the Italian merengue
  • 3. Throw over the toasted coconut!
  • 4. Serve and eat!!
  •  Must  admit it looks a bit like a massive blob on the plate.
  • The bbq went really well. But happy to have a normal day today!

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