Normal life

The beauty of not being home

well, yesterday me and baby Blip had the leftover Pizza and corn fritters for lunch. The corn fritters didn’t turn out right!! But never mind I’ll try again and post recipe when I have perfected it.. Blip seemed to love the soggy consistency. 

We didn’t take anything out for dinner as we were going to London. 

On our way to London (the husband was driving) we stopped for McD. Only because we were stock in traffic for ages! And we were starving, luckily I had ready made milk with me for Blip and one of the Ella squishy bags!! 

Now for the next two days I’m treated to other people’s food and don’t need to be cooking. It’s nice for a change! 

Lol not being at home also meant no duties so whilst Blip slept this morning I had a long nice bath!! How lovely, normally I run around like a mad woman trying to do house duties!  



Today was the last day in London. We went to Greenwich and just relaxed whilst daddy was working.

Baby Blip had a grand day!!  

 Now what are we gonna have for dinner tomorrow? Perhaps homemade empanadas. Let’s wait and see! 

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