New Recipes

Panacotta :-) mmmm

My husband loves Panacotta, especially one from the Co-op with chai flavour. However it is rather expensive £3.50 for two small pots! So I decided to make them myself today as a treat for the husband before he goes to China. 

I also cooked a lovely Nandos inspired meal. Mmm 

Baby blip was not too happy to let mommy cook, but wanted to be carried. Really hope the teething soon stops!

Panacotta recipe 
(Makes 6)

It’s super easy


250ml milk 

250 ml double cream

25 g sugar

3 gelatine leafs

(Vanilla, or teabags or whatever flavour you desire)


Soak leafs in cold water
Add milk, cream and sugar to saucepan together with flavour. I added flavour with 2 earl grey teabags. Bring to a simmer (don’t let it burn). 
Take out the teabags or vanilla pods etc. 
Take of heat
Squeeze water out of gelatine letters. 
Add to milk mixture and mix it together. When mixed well (gelatine de solves) add to ramekins or glasses. 
Leave in fridge to set min one hour I would say longer.
Now turn onto plates, I’m lazy leaves them in glass 
Put decorations on 

And eat!


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