Side dishes

Easy, cheap coleslaw 

The husband went to China on Friday and me and baby Blip has been home alone. Its really strange to be home without the husband, nobody to talk to about Mr Blip. No daddy to change baby blip in the morning. First nappy is always daddy’s. Anyways this mean at the moment I’m trying to eat up everything in the fridge and freezers, that way I can clean and defrost them proper.

Before the husband went to China we have been eating a lot off comfort food, I spoilt him. We have had a lot of coleslaw (also because I had half a cabbage left).

This is my super easy and cheap recipe, it can be varied as fits you or freezer.

Easy and cheap coleslaw (56p)

Serve 2-4 as a side dish

1/2 white onion (5 p)

1 small carrot (or half large) (15 p)

1/8 Cabbage (around 100g), either white or red (12.5p)

1 tsp mustard seeds (7p)

5 tbsp Mayo (8p)

2 tbsp milk (3p)

1 tbsp oil (2p)

1 slice preserved lemon (optional) (4p)

Salt and pepper


Slice the onion fine, the final cut the cabbage. With a veg peeler peel the carot, afterwards with the knife julienne the carot to sticks around 4 cm long. Take out the lemon flesh and chop finely.

In a bowl combine Mayo, milk and oil whisk together, consistency should be like double cream. Now add the lemon (if using) and the mustard seeds and taste with salt and pepper.

Add carrots, cabbage and onion and mix well. Taste and add further salt/pepper if needed.

Preserved lemon homemade

Prices based on Tesco and Co-op

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