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New Mobil App and a weird Dinner

When your mind is all muddled up, you can end up with a weird dinner.Baby brain or should that be toddler brain? I’m not sure, but I do know that my brain didn’t work proper yesterday.

I wanted to make a salad for dinner in the evening using up some of the leftovers in our fridge and really fancied a salad a bit like a Tuna Nicose. However, we didn’t have Tuna and I had a few other pieces to use up. I also think I may actually have been thinking of another Salad all together so Not Tuna Nicose at all.

I purchased salad leaves from Sainsbury’s but didn’t actually end up using them as it really didnt fit in the dish I ended up making.

What I had at home that needed using was 4 Radishes, 4 eggs lots of New Potatoes. 4 pieces of Bacon, 3 Spring onions, a handfull of aspargous and green beans. The dressing was tatare sauce with a glugg ofmMilk to thin it down to a dressing consistency.

Really the salad turned out quite nice, if unusual and not one I would do again.

I didn’t actually need all the eggs for the salad, ¾ was for mr Blip, I did offer him the whole one but he left a bit.

2 where for the salad and 1 were for lunch the next day. The husband came home very late and didn’t have his food, so he had his egg for breakfast.

Now tonight I will be making something much more interesting

Japanese inspired, kind of Ramen style soup. I will post the picture and recipe for this. I’m trying to slowly empty out the freezer.

Oh I’m using an interesting app at the moment called Spend today, it allows you to put in the budget you have for the week, then you record EVERYTHING you spend which comes from that budget. It seems to be working for me and I’m having a much better grasp of what I’m actually spending.

 Have a lovely day!!

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