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Spicy, warm and filling soup!

So I already decided on Thursday that we where going to have a warm lovely soup on Friday. It ended up being a Chinese style soup, even though, it was meant to be a Japanese inspired soup but I didn’t fancy egg or pork. I already had taken up the Stock which was a Chinese hotpot based stock (ill cover this later down), I had tofu in the freezer and some lovely Chinese dried mushrooms, noodles and spring onions.
All I needed to buy were some lovely prawns as we were out of them. I always find Prawns in Sainsbury’s are extremely expensive. It’s the same in any of the big supermarkets, especially if they are kingprawns and uncooked, froozen or fresh they are expensive. Sainsbury’s does Raw Jumbo King Prawns 225g for £4.50. However, I found that in my local Londis which got a huge asian department they sell frozen king prawns 1 kg for £8.45, which is so much cheaper. The quality is top notch as well.

Per 100 grams of Sainsbury’s prawns you pay £2.00

Per 100 grams of Londis prawns you pay £0.85p

So remember it is always worth checking out your local shops for good offers. For once, I won’t calculate the price of the meal totally on Sainsbury’s price as most of these products come from the Asian stores or Londis. Really the only thing from here that I think you could buy in Sainsbury’s is the Prawns/Spring onions and Pak Choi.

The recepi is actually based on the aftermeal we often have had after eating Chinese Hotpot with friends.

Chinese hotpot is a very special experience, and I will hopefully be writing a post about this next week as this bank holiday weekend we are suposed to have one.

My Spicy, warm and filling soup! 

Good for colds or too warm you up on misserable cold and wet days

Serves 2-3


500ml, Hotpot stock (this is spicy)

100g frozen prawns around 9 (3 each, if cooking for three)

15g black dried fungus (small handfull)

250 g firm tofu, cut into 2 x 2 cm squares (if not firm it is best if it is frozen, cut it into squares first drain of water and freeze, even firm tofu is better like this).

3 spring onions

2 Medium sized pak choi

100 g noodles

I normally always would have some of the stock frozen, as I use it to slow cook chicken wings/drumsticks in. Then take them out and freeze indivdually for Nando style chicken wings at another point. Then I would freeze the stock in individual boxes normally 4, 500 ml boxes. However, if you want to make this directly from packet, just throw it all in a pot with at least 1l of water and boil for good 10 minutes to get the taste proper released. I would recommend to split up this stock as if you use it all it may be rather spicy. But adjust to taste.

1. Soak the black fungus in cold water for 30 minutes (or according to packet).

2. Defrost your prawns

3. Cut your Pak choi into 2 cm pieces.

4. Cut all you spring onions fine.

5. Cook your noodles according to the packet, when done, run under the cold water and set aside.

6. Now add your stock to a big pot and add 1l of water to it. Bring it to the boil. When boiling, you add the Fungus and the tofu, cook at least until Tofu is defrosted and until the Fungus is easy to eat around 10minutes. The more you reduce the stock the spicier it becomes.

7. Then add your Pak choi and boil for another minute before adding the prawns. When the prawns are done 5 minutes, take the pot of the heat.

8. Add a small amount of noodles to two bowls; add the soup, making sure to get all things into it. Then in the end put on the spring onions. Extra chillies could be added if you wish. But taste first as this stock is spicy in it self.

9. Serve straight away and enjoy.

 Bon apetit

This soup is very forgiving, if you fancy, you could add chicken/pork, more or less vegetables etc. It’s really up to you.

At one point or another I will try and make the stock myself.

Mr Blip loved the tofu, which I was really suprised about; he also had 1 prawn, loads of noodles, a bit of pak choi. So I was pleased.

Hotpot stock (£2.65/4)=£0.66 (little sheep hotpot)

Frozen prawns = £0.85 (Londis)

Dried fungus (£2.55/100g) x 15g = £0.38

Firm tofu (£1.35 / 1100g) x250g = £0.31

Spring onions (£0.45 /6) x 3 =£0.23 (Sainsbury)

2 Medium sized pak choi = £1.20 (Sainsbury)

Noodles (£1.20 / 390g) x 100g = £0.31p (Sau Tao Plain Noodles)

Total cost £3.94 Per Person £1.31

The good thing about this recipe is that you can easily make it stretch further, a bit more noodles a few more prawns and just more water in the stock and it doesnt get much more expensive.

There are only few prawns as you get plenty of protein from the Tofu.

The following products are the ones I used for the recipe. However, you could change the noodles to any noodle you like and for the fungus I have used fresh mushrooms before. Slightly changes the taste.

Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base Hot (小肥羊 火鍋辣湯底料)… £2.65

Natural Tasty Dried Black Fungus Wan Yee (自然之風味一級黑木耳- 雲耳)… £2.55

Tofu King Fresh Tofu Medium Firm (嫩豆腐)…£1.35 (1.1kg)

Sau Tao Plain Noodles – Non Fried (壽桃牌陽春麵)… £1.20

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