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Baby “Flipper” has safely arrived!!

Finally, after 9 months of sickness due to Hyperemisis Gravidarum, Multiple hospital admissions and 3 days of hard labour… The Husband, Toddler “Blip” and I proudly present, Baby “Flipper”.

daddy, Noah and Joshii

He arrived on 12 August 2017 weighing 6.9lb… Which was huge compared to Brother “Blip” who was only 5lb when born.

noah new born

I was induced at 40 weeks due to all the complications and the risk of having a stillborn being too great with my history of miscarriages. I had hoped that by waiting to full term I would naturally go into labour, but that did not happen. Hence, my dream of having a waterbirth never happened. However, the most important thing is that I had a healthy baby boy.

I was induced on the 10 August 2017 and Baby “Flipper” arrived to this world on the 12 August 2017.  

Baby “Flipper” was born at 11:20 with the umbilical cord was around his neck and when he finally came out he didn’t breathe, and they rushed him off to the neonatal unit. It was the scariest thing ever. Luckily, a few hours later I was reunited with my perfect little baby boy, who I adore.

When finally, Toddler “Blip” saw his brother, he turned around to me and said, this is my baby…. You make another for you and daddy… my response. NO WAY JOSE!!.. 😊 but I do love that Toddler “Blip” is so sweet and loving towards his little brother.

joshii noah

Sorry, for the long wait for a blog from me, but as you can imagine, I have been rather busy these 3 weeks with a new baby and a toddler. Hopefully, soon I will be posting my recipes again.