Burning love – Brændene kærlighed (35p per portion)

No, this is not me declaring my love to my lovely husband. Instead this is a traditional danish meal! Called Burning Love in Danish, or Brændene kærlighed..

During my pregnancy I have been craving a lot of Danish dishes. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to cook them. This is the one I especially have been craving.

The fact that I struggled cooking it and eating it, when I tried making it a few months ago, is a totally separate issue.

It went down really well with the husband and ok with “Baby” Blip!!

If you are looking for a healthy meal, then this is definitely not it. But cheap, oh yes!!!

It’s also quickly made!

Serves 4

Make mashed potatoes enough for 4 – 50p


500g cooking bacon -Morrisons 60p

2 big white onions 10p

(Optional Butter 25g – 20p)

Black Pepper 2p

  1. Dice bacon, fry it in the pan to crispy, take out but leave the fat in pan. Add the onions fry not to crispy but until good colour, add the bacon back on. Then add pepper and the butter if you want to.
  2. Serve a big spoonful on top of the mash! Serve with pickled vegetables..

Serve with either pickled cucumbers or beetroots.

For 4 large portions £1.42 (without pickled vegetables). 35p per person. -based on Morrisons prices (2017)

Bon Appetit -as my grandad would say!

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