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Easy lunch – Satay Vegetarian Noodles (£1.29)

Following op on my post from yesterday, I have been craving anything with peanuts. One of my standby dishes which I love to make is Satay Noodles.

It’s a super easy and cheap standby dish, easily adapted and doubled, you could easily make it with either prawns, chicken or just with plain noodles and a few vegetables. The one I did today was with fried tofu, because we had it at home, and I adore Tofu..

Toddler Blip is still in nursery and Daddy is at work… as for baby Flipper he is still in my tummy and he seemed to enjoy the noodles!

Also you could use a store bought Satay sauce (the consistency is very different so you may need to use more). I normally calculate 50g of noodles per person. Whatever, noodles you fancy or have laying around will do, I do find that thick noodles are really good for this, like Udon noodles. I didn’t have them, but some random noodles I picked up in the Asian store ages ago,  still worked brilliantly.

This makes an excellent packed lunch as well.

Satay Noodles with Tofu

Serves 1

50g noodles, cooked as per package and rinsed in cold water
4 tbsp Satay sauce (see recipe from yesterday)
4 pieces fried tofu (optional)
2 cloves garlic, finely sliced
¼ hot red fresh chilli, finely chopped
Corriander, small bunch coriander finely chopped
2 radishes, finely sliced
2 spring onion, finely chopped
2 tbsp finely chopped peanuts
1 tbsp vegetable oil
50 ml water

1 lime wedge (optional)


  1. Firstly, cook the noodles according to instructions on packet, then wash and rinse under cold water and set aside.
  2. Now, make sure you prepare all the vegetables. Make sure to keep them separately, as they different things go in at different times. Keeping a bit of chilli, coriander and radishes aside for garnish.
  3. Add the oil to a pan and add the garlic and chilli, when lightly fried to crisp (not burned) take out the garlic and chilli.
  4. Turn the pan to low and add the Satay sauce and the water to the remaining oil. When simmering add the tofu and warm through, then add the noodles. Make sure the noodles get proper coated in the sauce. When all warmed through add the remaining ingredients, and toss together.
  5. Serve in a bowl with the lime wedge and reserved chilli, coriander and radishes as garnish and some extra Satay Sauce if you fancy.

Bon appetite – as my granddad would have said


These has been based on Tesco’s prices and the basic products where possible (Correct as per July 2017).

Noodles 23p Satay sauce 25p Fried tofu 21p Garlic 6p Red chilli 7p Coriander 25p Radishes 10p Spring onion 10p Peanuts 6p 1 tbsp vegetable oil 2p 50 ml water

1 lime wedge (optional) 4p

Total: £1.29 for the portion – based on Tesco prices.




Homemade Satay Sauce

Satay sauce, is one thing I absolutely have started to adore the last few weeks throughout my pregnancy.

It seems that the Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I have suffered so badly with until week 35 has started to lift… I can actually eat again! Amazing feeling.

I still do wake up in the night and feel sick, like last night where I had to get up at 01:00 to eat an Ice-cream, just praying that I wasn’t going to be sick. Again, this morning I felt really sick, however, I haven’t actually been sick today or yesterday… what a relief.

On the other hand, my blood pressure has gone up… so now we are watching out for sign of Pre-Eclampsia… You just can win.. but not long to go now.

Strangely enough, with my Hyperemesis Gravidarum settling down, my big craving has been all food Asian and especially anything with peanuts.

In my first pregnancy with Toddler Blip, I didn’t touch peanuts at all, due to the fact that my mum suffers badly from peanut allergy. But having spoken to midwifes, doctors, and done lots of research on the internet, there is no evidence that eating peanuts in pregnancy causes allergy in the baby. In fact, both my doctor and midwife has advised me to eat nuts/peanuts as it’s a good source of protein for me as I have been so sick…

Hence,  I decided to make my Satay Sauce, I always used to have some in the fridge/freezer as its such a good standby for an easy meal… Also, I love that it uses up the coriander stalks… I normally end up throwing them away!

Only time I normally don’t have any type of peanuts in my house is when my mum comes over, peanuts are banned up to a month before… still a risk as peanuts spores does sit in everything. But (touch wood) we have never had a problem with this yet.

This recipe, is for a basic Satay Sauce. I should add that it’s probably not authentic, however, it tastes amazing (definitely better than the one I can buy finished made from Tesco).

I will add another recipe one of the next few day as to what I use it for.. but there is so many uses… Satay chicken, Satay noodles, etc…..  

Satay sauce
Makes 140g

130g crunchy peanut butter
15 g coriander stalks (or leaves)
2 tbsp toasted sesame oil
1 tbsp hot chilli oil (if you don’t want it hot, use vegetable oil)
2 tbsp soy sauce
3 garlic cloves
2 cm ginger
1 spring onion
3 tbsp water


  1. In a liquidiser or small food processer add all the ingredients together, reserving around 30g of peanut butter and blend to a paste. You could leave the hot chilli oil out, especially if you make it for kids.
  2. Now add the mixture to a small pan, adding the 30g reserved peanuts and gently warm up the mixture.. don’t let it burn.. it just need to be warmed through, you may want to add a bit extra water if it becomes too thick.
  3. Take it off the heat and put in a bowl – transferring it into a jar when cold

You can store it a few days in the fridge or freeze it.

Bon appetite – as my granddad would have said


These has been based on Tesco’s prices and the basic products where possible (Correct as per July 2017).

Peanut butter 25p
Coriander stalks (or leaves) 10p
Toasted sesame oil 19p
Hot chilli oil (if you don’t want it hot, use vegetable oil) 12p
Soy sauce 11p
Garlic cloves 9p
Ginger 5p
Spring onion 10p

Total: £1.01 makes around 140g of Satay Sauce. To buy Tesco’s own jar sauce isn’t much more expensive. But I promise you this is much more delicious.
If you wonder why that glass looks so small, it’s because I already used some for a dish!


Really hot chilli oil – homemade and cheap (83p for a bottle)

As a kid I was an extremely fussy eater, I really disliked food. I rarely ate a lot and lots of my teachers thought I had an eating disorder. I was seriously underweight throughout my childhood. But as I became Oder and especially as I started on “boarding school” it turned out that I wasn’t picky and didn’t dislike food, I just hated tasteless food.

Me as a teenager.

We had cooking lessons at the school and one of my teachers Ida loved spices. She introduced me to garlic and chilli but also really tasty Danish food and how I loved it.

I later realised that one of the reasons I probably didn’t like food was that my mum really can not cook (sorry mum), or at least only a few tasty dishes. Most of her dishes even today are some kind of stew, that consist of a horrible glue like sauce..

My family over here though are not always as enthusiastic about spicy food as me. Especially toddler Blip, who doesn’t appreciate it. So, I have compromised and now got my super cheap very spicy homemade chilli oil and also chilli sauce. Strangely enough toddler Blip always insist on trying my chilli oil every time we got pizza, and everytime spits it out.. lol

I never ad garlic to the oil due to the risk of boutalism when storing garlic in oil. The chilli oil is also brilliant to spice things up like tomato soup and last forever in the cupboard.

Chilli oil – super cheap and easy recipe


250 ml vegetable oil (or a bit less than what fits into the storage jar you have chosen)

2tbsp very hot chilli flakes


  1. Heat up the oil to approximately 130C. Turn off the heat and add the chilli flakes. They shouldn’t be frying so the start colouring, but oilmshoukd be warm enough so the chilli release the spiciness from them.
  2. Leave to cool until you can decant it into the jar.
  3. It’s now ready to be used.

Bon appetite – as my grandad would have said.


These has been based on Tescos prices (June 2017), the chilli flakes are much cheaper though if bought at your Asian corner stores! 

Vegetable Oil (I buy 5 litres for £4.50 in Tesco every few years). 250 ml =23p

Chilli flakes = 60p

Total cost 83p